Why Use Us?

What makes us different from a Solicitor?

We concentrate and totally focused only on Conveyancing work: we are a specialist in the area; have undertaken many years of practical training, conferences and exams in this specialist area of the Law.

• Gain a Conveyancer who knows how to help time poor Clients unfamiliar with Conveyancing and what to expect!

• Gain Trust & feel secure – You can let go knowing you are in good hands

• Gain a Conveyancer who spends “The Time” and employs solutions that protect the most important investment of your life both now and into the future!

• Gain a Coach who knows how to manage and support your needs and emotions during the most stressful periods of your life – buying and selling a home!

• We are all about care, protection, attention to detail, securing the property and removing stress from the Sale or Purchase – This you gain by using the services of Brown & Brown Conveyancers.

How do we do it?

• By putting ourselves in your shoes, listening to you and then providing the following support and solutions to your Conveyancing needs by

• Regular Telephone ~ Email ~ SMS advice

• A courier; fax and email service to collect Contracts and documents from you to secure the property promptly.

• We keep in touch during the Conveyance via Telephone ~ Email ~ SMS with updates

• We are a working communication partnership with our clients and their Conveyancing needs – it’s all about the Client.

• We examine the Contract via email and teleconference to our Clients.

Why use us : Fees?

Fees are determined on several bases, reflecting the complexity of the issue, the expertise applied to the transaction, time constraints, and special requirements of the client and the value of the transaction to the client. Our fees are in the medium range and reflect the high standard of guaranteed service we offer. We do view all conveyancing requests on a case by case basis.

Prior to commencement of any work, the client will be asked to enter into a Retainer Agreement which (where possible) will show the total cost involved in the work performed.

We believe that it is in the interests of all parties to be kept fully informed in relation to legal fees payable and if a transaction is to proceed over a long period of time we will keep you informed as to fees during the course of the transaction.


Our Conveyancing Services ...

• Preparation and exchange of contracts for Sale and Purchase of Properties, Sydney NSW

• Expertise in Stress Management and Asset protection for the biggest Purchase in your Life

• We arrange Strata, Pest and Building Reports - 24 hour turnaround

• We issue Deposit Bonds and arrange finance

• Surveys, Engineer & Geo Tech Reports

• Price Negotiation advice and assistance with Refinances of Mortgages

• Extensive advice for 'Off the Plan' Purchasers

• Ask us about Electronic Settlements

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