Selling a House

Prepare a Contract for Sale - House

Please forward this list of documents via fax, email or post to our office ...

• Current Council and Water Rate Notice for the House

• Copy of Survey and / or Building Certificate (if on hand)

• Are there any illegal Structures or Boundary disputes - affecting the Property?

• Does Vendor Duty or Land Tax liability affect the Property?

• Name of Mortgagee, Loan Account Number

• Selected Real Estate Agents Contact details

• Advise the location of the Title Deed (if no Mortgage)

• Contact Details of the Vendor(s) e.g. Phone Numbers, Email Addresses etc

• List of Inclusions - e.g. dishwasher, curtains, blinds, stove, light fittings, carpet, air conditioner etc

• Any History of Termite Treatment (if required)

• Any notices received from Government Departments regarding land acquisitions (if required)

• Copies of Power of Attorneys (if required)

• Land Tax Notices (if required) or claims Home Warranties Insurance?

• Copy of Lease Agreement - Tennant (if required)

• Copy of each owners Drivers Licence and Passport

Documents can be sent via fax, email or post.

• Contract - Apartment

• Refinance Information

• Useful Links



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