Purchasing Checklist

Home Buyers Checklist

• Some important potential issues to identify when purchasing a property

Some important potential issues to identify when purchasing a property:

• Can I keep my pet dog or cat at the unit?

• How do I know everything is Council approved?

• Any Builders Insurance for a partly renovated home?

• Do I exchange contracts with or without a "cooling off period?"

• Any special levies I have to pay?

• Is the building free from damp, around windowsills, on ceilings and under floor coverings?

• Is the size of the hot water system large enough for your needs?

• Does the house receive plenty of natural light and ventilation?

• Turn on all taps to check water pressures and water hammer.

• Check the number of power points, are they suitably located?

• Are there sufficient storage facilities?

• If there is a pool, does the fencing comply with the safety regulations of the council?

• Is it possible to extend the house for future needs?

• Are the neighbors of a suitable nature to live next to?

• Is there an outdoor Arial for television?

• Will your kitchen appliances be well suited for the kitchen?

• Are the fences and pathways in good order?

• Is the house insulated both walls and ceilings to prevent noise and temperature control?

• Has the Home been used as a Brothel or for Gambling rooms in the past?

• Does the slope of the Land affect future extensions?

• Is Street Parking adequate?

• Are Schools, Shopping Centers, Libraries, Parks, Buses and Railways reasonably close by?

• Aircraft noise is this an issue?

• The Home is it affected by Landslip, Flooding or Bushfires?

• Are there underground mines in the area?

Steps to Settlement - Conveyancing Stages

• Before and after Signing the Contract

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