Garth Brown has prepared helpful eBooks, Videos and Apps for Buyers and Sellers and professional eBooks and training to assist the conveyancing industry.

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Training Packages

Industry mentoring and coaching for Conveyancing Practitioners and Students!

$AUD 150.00

Step by Step Guide

Success Guide to Conveyancing / Legal Practice for Practitioners eBook. 1 CPD Point.

$AUD 275.00

Risk Manage eBook

Risk Management Strategies in Conveyancing for Practitioners and students. 2 CPD Points.


$AUD 9.99

Buyers Guide eBook

Written as Guide to anyone wanting to Buy Property in NSW!

$AUD 9.99

Sellers Guide eBook

Written as Guide to anyone wanting to Sell Property in NSW!

$AUD 9.99

Ask Conveyancer Pro App

Ask Conveyancer Pro App Guide to Conveyancing and eConveyancing.


Garth Brown Videos

"Garth Brown YouTube Channel featuring helpful videos. "

Garth Brown Helpful Videos YouTube  



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Garth Brown is a Fellow of the AICNSW and Conveyancer of the Year 2015, AICNSW

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